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Tokyo Marui HK417 Early Variant Recoil Shock Next Generation Recommended

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Tokyo Marui HK417 Early Variant Recoil Shock Next Generation



The Real steel most notably has a new gas operating system from the G36. Customers have the option of purchasing a new upper receiver, buffer and drive spring to refurbish M4s or buying a completely new and complete HK417.

The HK417 includes international symbols for Safe, Semi-Automatic, and Fully automatic, a redesigned retractable stock which allows the user to rotate the butt plate, a new pistol grip made to more ergonomically fit the hand and, attached to the rifle is a new single-piece hand guard with a free floating Metal RIS system, used for mounting accessories.

This is the Recoil shock system which is an innovative system from Tokyo Marui is adapted from the oldest M4 SOPMOD and now in this full metal HK417, including blowback system and also a lock-bolt function which stops the gun from firing on the last round of BB fired just like the real gun and similar to the more expensive Systema PTW. Pop in a new fully loaded magazine, press on the bolt-release button on the side of the receiver and you are ready to fire again!

Employing the new SHOOT & RECOIL Engine Version 2, this new 417 is a blast to shoot with both sound and visual gratification to boot. The gun comes with a standard Tokyo Marui 70 round magazine. The gun is of full aluminum (i.e. Full metal) construction with ABS stocks and grips for more realistic feel!
Shooting this gun is a LOT of fun. The blow back feature coupled together with the empty-magazine bolt-lock and release function, and the configurable 70 round magazine makes this a very realistic gun perfect even for law enforcement training purposes! But if you are a gamer and prefer a high capacity magazine, there is also the optional Tokyo Marui 600 round hi-cap magazine which can satisfy your needs (the bolt-lock feature is disabled when the hi-cap magazine is used). When the last BB is fired, the bolt lock release button pops outward for visual confirmation that the magazine is empty, and of course the trigger gives no response as well. If you hold the bolt lock release button down or remove the magazine, you can keep on firing (although no BBs will be fired).

Product Brand: Tokyo Marui
Product Code: TM-4952839176219
Hop-Up         : ADJUSTABLE
Weight           : 4,250 g
Length           : 925 mm
Capacity        : 70 rds
Power            : 280 fps
Motor            : 
Battery Size   : 
Shooting Mode: Semi Auto / Full Auto

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